5 million ZonMw and The Hartstichting grants for 2 APH research projects: maintain a healthy lifestyle

Two projects embedded in the APH program Health Behaviors and Chronic Diseases both received a 2,5 million euro grant from The Hartstichting and ZonMW. Both projects are part of the Gezond Leven sub-program of the Hartstichting and aims to promote and maintain a healthy lifestyle to prevent cardiovascular diseases in the long term.

The first project titled: ‘Supreme Nudge’ is led by VUmc researcher Joline Beulens (Associate Professor of Epidemiology at the VUmc Department of Epidemiology & Biostatistics). The research group ‘Lifestyle and Chronic Disease Epidemiology’ who conduct the project will study if people choose for healthier products by adding certain adjustment in the supermarket. The next question is if these choices lead to a decreased cholesterol, a lower blood pressure or a healthier weight? The research group will study the effects of price reduction, healthy food promotion and the more prominent and visible placement of the healthy products. This will be combined with a personalized app that stimulates physical activity. The combined intervention will be applied in a study population with a low socioeconomic status (SES). The project will be conducted in collaboration with Het Voedingscentrum, supermarket chain Coop and several Dutch universities.

The second project is led by AMC researcher Karien Stronks (Professor at the AMC department of Public Health and program leader of the APH program Health Behaviors & Chronic Diseases ) and is titled: ‘Healthy Habits start early: engaging the young and their environments in multi-ethnic lower socio-economic groups’. Also program leader of the APH program Health Behaviors & Chronic Diseases Prof. Mai Chin A Paw is involved in the project. The aim of the project is to implement, develop an innovative and accessible approach to promote and sustain healthy habits early in life. The study is focussed on the following behaviours: eating habits (in particular drinking water, eating fruit and vegetables), physical activity and sedentary behaviour, and sleeping habits. A striking detail is that the target group, 10-14 aged multi-ethnic children with a low SES, actively participate in de co-creation of the approaches, together with other stakeholders. The project is embedded within the larger Amsterdam Programme on Healthy Weight for Children (Amsterdamse Aanpak Gezond Gewicht – acronym: AAGG).

Source: https://www.amsterdamresearch.org/web/public-health/news-1/tonen-op-amsterdam-public-health/5-million-zonmw-and-the-hartstichting-grants-for-2-aph-research-projects-maintain-a-healthy-lifestyle.htm