Winner CaRe award 2016

Evelien van Bijnen



1.Evelien van Bijnen

2.Iris van der Heide

3.Hilde Luijks


Nominations per institute


  1. Michel Walthouwer, Obesity prevention using the Internet
  2. Lindy Gommans, Supervised Exercise Therapy for Intermittent Claudication subgroups, gait and physical activity
  3. Reina de Kinderen, Health technology assessment in epilepsy: economic evaluations and preference studies


  1. Nienke de Vries-Farrouh,  Managing the decline:physical therapy in frail elderly
  2. Hilde Luijks, Multimorbidity in primary care. Focus on the general practitioner’s perspective


  1. Femke van Nassau, Dissemination of DOiT
  2. Karen van Leeuwen, Integrated care and quality of life of frail older adults. How can we measure what we aim to improve
  3. Karin Swart, B-vitamins for the prevention of fractures and decline of physical function


  1. Evelien van Bijnen, Antibiotic Treatment and commensal Staphylococcus Aureus Resistance in Primary Care in Europe
  2. Iris van der Heide, Health literacy; an asset for public health
  3. Aafke Victoor, (How) do patients choosea healthcare provider?

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