Winner CaRe Award 2019

Eefje de Bont 

Top 3:

  1. Eefje de Bont
  2. Anne Brabers
  3. Floor Borlée & Margot Metz ex aequo

Nominations 2019
In 2018 318 PhD students of CAPHRI, APH, RIHS and Nivel finished their thesis. Out of these 318, 11 were nominated for the CaRe award 2019.


  1. Vera Negenborn, Clinical results and patient-reported outcomes in breast reconstructive surgery.
  2. Bo Havermans, Implementation of organisational stress prevention.
  3. Margto Metz, Shared Decision making in mental health care. The added value for patients and clinicians.


  1. Kei Long Cheung, Improving the use of an Economic Decision Support Tool in the context of tobacco control.
  2. Eefje de Bont, Childhood fever in out-of-hours general practice.


  1. Floor Borlée, Respiratory health effects of livestock farm emissions in neighbouring residents.
  2. Anne Brabers, Patient involvement and medical practice variation. Can patients be ignored in theories about practice variation?
  3. Corelien Kloek, e-Exercise. The integration of face-to-face physiotherapy with a web-application for patients with osteoarthritis of hip and knee.


  1. Franca Ruikes, Integrated primary care for frail elderly. Implementation, effects, and costs of the CareWell primary care program.
  2. Esther Bakker-van Gijssel, A pro-active health assessment instrument for people with intellectual disabilities. Towards reducing health inequities.
  3. Jan-Willem Weenink, Back on track. Addressing poor performance of health professionals.

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