Co-creation Impact Compass: Working together for more impact

Active participation of stakeholders in your research project, is important to increase the actual impact of your research. Co-creation is the process of involving stakeholders as full and equal partners in all phases of the research process. To foster a co-creative process, numerous frameworks and tools are available, including from the world of design thinking, business and healthcare. It is not easy to determine which method is suitable, for what purpose and at what time. The Co-creation Impact Compass is a useful guide to support you conducting a co-creative approach for research practice. It increases your understanding of the value of co-creation for societal, economic, and scientific impacts of your research project, and supports you to select helpful and valid co-creation tools for the right purpose and at the right moment.

The compass was developed by the co-creation team of the Brightlands innovation programme “Limburg Meet” (LIME), in which CAPHRI participates.

Curious? Download the Co-creation Impact Compass for free here.

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