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Become a leading researcher in the public health and care research domain

The public health and care research leadership programme is designed to support future leaders in the field of public health and care research to become excellent leaders with a mission.

You do not only learn a higher level of leadership skills, but learn how to apply them in your specific field of research. Being a leader in the field of public health and care research requires more than being a good leader, and it requires more than being a good scientist, it requires a combination where you have competences concerning content, but also knowledge, skills and tools to understand and manage the context.

All communication and documentation regarding the programme is in English. 
Investment: € 8500 for the whole 2-year programme, including all materials and catering, excluding lodging and travel cost.

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The programme

The 2-year programme consists of 4 modules (Two 2,5 day modules per year). All sessions have a highly interactive character and work through experiential learning with elements of theory.

Other work formats in the programme are:

  • Mutual learning groups
  • Personal coaching
  • Buddy breakfasts
  • Inspirational content between modules (blogs/microlearning video’s/articles)
  • Building your own Leadership Development Portfolio

The next edition, cohort 4, starts in July 2024 in Cambridge. 

Registration fee for the total programme is €8,500. Overnight stays (€80 –€125 per night) are not included. 

MODULE 1                                    MODULE 2                                          
Leading yourself and others         Entrepreneurial mindset               

MODULE 3                                    MODULE 4
Leading change                                Building teams, navigating the network


If you are a postdoc or assistant professor in public health and care research with the ambition to improve your knowledge and skills to become a leading researcher, this learning trajectory is a perfect match with you!

Selection criteria:

You have several years experience with leading a group of researchers or supervising PhD students.

  • You have a research track record as evidenced by publications, in academia and beyond.
  • You show significant promise as a researcher or practitioner.
  • You have a demonstrated expertise in public health / care issues and a track record through research, policy analysis, health services or clinical leadership.

Provisions for admission:

  • CV
  • motivation letter from your direct supervisor and yourself
  • Two reference letters
  • Online interview 30 minutes

You can apply by sending an email to care A selection committee will review your application. 


The mission of The Netherlands School of Public Health and Care Research concerns: contributing to better health and health care through high quality training of young researchers and multidisciplinary cooperation between excellent research institutes in the field of primary health care, public health research and health policy research, focused on the development and implementation of new scientific knowledge in these fields.

This mission is shared by the four participating research institutes of CaRe, i.e. CAPHRI (Care And Public Health Research Institute) of Maastricht University, RIHS (Radboud Institute for Health Sciences) of the Radboud university medical centre, APH (Amsterdam Public Health research institute) of the VUmc, AMC, VU and UvA in Amsterdam, and Nivel (Netherlands Institute for Health Services Research) in Utrecht.

It is the ambition of CaRe to further develop its work according to its mission statement, taking into account a rapidly changing health care situation, due to demographic developments, societal changes, advancing technology and an increase in chronic diseases and multimorbidity. High quality health care should conform to requirements regarding effectiveness (evidence-based), efficiency, patient centredness, safety, timeliness and equity. The combination of expertise, available at the CaRe partners, and the accessibility to valuable international networks, provides the right basis for realising the mission statement.


Netherlands Institute for Health Sciences (NIHES) offers excellence in education by bringing together an international renowned faculty that invests in innovative research methodology and training. NIHES closely guides our new generations to become leading scientists with critical thinking skills and a curiosity driven mindset that are fascinated by scientific questions in the areas of clinical epidemiology and public health.

NIHES believes that to solve vital health issues, knowledge and application of quantitative research methodology is key. Being an international academic research institute, they aim to inspire and guide talented students from all over the globe in their pursuit to become leading health professionals, excellent researchers and pioneers who want to make a difference.


Cambridge Institute of Public Health (CIPH), at the University of Cambridge, is a world leader in public health. They are a membership organisation whose members include outstanding public health academics from across the University and public health professionals working outside of academia.

Their mission:
Improve the health of the public through research, teaching and analysis to promote well-being, prevent disease and reduce health inequalities.
In public health and population sciences, they produce world leading research, educate scientists, clinicians and public health professionals, analyse and interpret population health evidence and data, lead the way with novel methodological approaches, and inform and support health policy development and implementation.

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