Podcasts: an innovative way to disseminate research results

The Nivel Transparency Monitor is a long-term project (2018-2022) that investigates how transparency in healthcare is developing and what this yields for finding the most appropriate care for patients. The monitor consists of multiple reports per year, in which the results on specific themes are set out. For example quality registrations, decision aids or PROMs (Patient Reported Outcome Measures), but also surveys among citizen and healthcare professionals. In addition, all sub-reports are merged into an overarching report regarding transparency in healthcare from multiple perspectives.

In addition to these annual reports, the research team recently experimented with a podcast to disseminate the results. In a three-series podcast, researchers Linda Springvloet and Dolf de Boer talk about the results. This way, the listener is introduced to the Transparency Monitor in an accessible way, and at the same time receives more background information about the reports. The content, coordination and development of the podcast was led by a professional podcast developer.

Our first experiences with this way of disseminating research outcomes are very positive. It is a good medium to talk about complex research and results in an accessible way and thus to reach a larger audience. The first reactions are positive as well and listeners indicate that it is pleasant to receive information about research in this way.
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