The State secretary of Public Health, Welfare and Sport Paul Blokhuis, paid a visit to the healthy primary school of the future in Landgraaf in November 2019.

The healthy primary school is the future. This is evident from the choice of the municipalities of Brunssum, Heerlen, Sittard-Geleen and Maastricht to launch Healthy Primary School of the Future projects. And the municipalities where the project is already underway, Kerkrade and Landgraaf, are so satisfied with the results that they would like to see the project continued and, where possible, rolled out further. The initiators of the project, including Maastricht University (UM) and the Province of Limburg, believe that the Healthy Primary School of the Future deserves to be replicated nationally, given the positive impact on children, parents and schools. That call was accepted on Monday by the State Secretary for Health, Welfare and Sport, Paul Blokhuis, who visited one of these primary schools. At the request of the State Secretary, UM will now carry out a feasibility study into the national rollout of the project.

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