Winners of the CaRe award 2017

Willemijn Schäfer & Annerika Gidding-Slok


TOP 3:

  • Willemijn Schäfer
  • Annerika Gidding-Slok
  • Hilde van der Aa


Nominations 2017


  1. Dörenkamp, Multimorbidity challenges Physical Activity – Implications for targeting patient treatment.
  2. Drost, Inter-Sectoral Costs and Benefits of Health Interventions: A Change of Perspective in Economic Evaluation.
  3. Slok, Towards personalised management using the Assessment of Burden of COPD tool.


  1. Jelle van Gurp, Teleconsultation: enchancing personalized palliative care at home. An empirical-ethical analysis.
  2. Erik Teunissen, Involving migrants inshaping their primary care


  1. Hilde van der Aa, Depression and anxiety in visually impaired older adults: cost-effectiveness of stepped care.
  2. Joreintje Mackenbach, Exploring obesogenic environments. The role of environmental factors for obesity-related behaviours and obesity.
  3. Josine Verhoeven, Depression, anxiety and cellular aging: does feeling blue make you grey?


  1. Lotte van der Steeg, Improving safety and quality of care in older hospitalised patients:a mixed method approach focusing on delirium and e-learning.
  2. Willemijn Schäfer, Primary care in 34 countries: perspectives of general practitioners and their patient
  3. Renée Bouwman, The patient’s voice as a game changer in regulation.

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